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For that precious asset we call well-being

We believe that Greece’s botanical treasures shouldn’t be kept in a vault. This is why we chose them as the foundation of all our infusions.

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Is the least we can give in return

Doing the best for the environment

Our relationship with the environment is not an abstract concept. Through every practice or process, we treat it as we should: with genuine respect.

Let’s sync to Earth’s marvelous rhythm

Our planet’s melody leads our steps

Taking inspiration from Mother Earth’s inexhaustible vitality, ertha carefully sources top quality and natural ingredients of high nutritional value to create exquisite botanical infusions!

ertha, as part of your wellness

Panacea is the Greek word for “a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.” Panacea is a myth. However, the need for well-being is true. Anyone can achieve it through a consistent, conscious lifestyle -part of which we proudly are.

ertha’s giving back to Earth

We don’t simply preach balance; we embrace it and apply it whenever possible. Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility. We call it our commitment towards Mother Nature.

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people are saying about us

An ertha tea, my favorite relaxing playlist, and my comfortable spot at the left corner of my couch: That’s my secret relaxation recipe after a full, exhausting day.
Nick S.
While I am focusing on stressful days, I choose ertha infusions. They have great taste and give me a healthy boost.
Carolina P.
After tasting ertha’s infusions I found myself feeling much calmer and consistently alert.
Peter P.
I take ertha throughout the day, every day, hot or cold. It is for sure the tastiest tea I’ve ever drunk.
Helena K.